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Music resources in the Harris Collection are one of its great strengths. In all, nearly 30,000 titles in the Harris Collection are either music or music-related, and include:

  • Scores, vocal selections, and librettos of musical plays and operettas, dating from the mid-19th century

  • Collections of popular and folk music, dating from the 18th century, and including a great many currently published folios of the songs of popular composers and performers, often related to recordings

  • Hymnals, both with and without musical notation, dating from the 17th century, and including many examples of Pennsylvania German imprints as well as an interesting selection of hymnals issued in the 20th century by small fundamentalist denominations in theWest, South, and Midwest

  • Songsters, dating from the 18th century, held in particular strength, and including 40 pre-1820 exemplars otherwise unrecorded

  • Manuscripts of scores and libretti from the turn-of-the-century Yiddish musical stage in New York, many never published.

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Related Collections

The Sheet Music Collection, owing to its size, is divided into a number of sections. The largest is the section of vocal music, some 150,000 pieces, with an additional 35,000 pieces representing songs from the musical theatre, films, radio, and television shows. Afro-Americana accounts for perhaps 10,000 titles, of which perhaps 2,500 (mainly from the 19th century) are fully cataloged.

There are another 2,000 pieces of cataloged music relating to World Wars I and II, and perhaps 1,500 cataloged musical settings of American poetry; there are another 1,500 uncataloged pieces belonging to these categories. Sheet music from the Confederacy is keyed to the citations in the Crandall bibliography; pre-1800 music is keyed to Sonneck-Upton, and music from 1801-1825 is filed by Wolfe number. Approximately one-third of the titles cited by Wolfe are in the Collection.

Harrigan & Hart's Mulligan guard picnic songsterThere are also smaller (less than 2,500 pieces each) sections of: color lithographs; works by Boston lithographers; Endicott lithographs; Union imprint Civil War music; Latin American music; Yiddish-American music; Harrigan and Hart music; silent film music; dance folios; theatre music (non-vocal); music dealers' stamps; Canadian music.

Instrumental music, filed by composer, accounts for another 35,000 pieces, of which the largest section is piano and orchestral music, primarily dating from the 19th century. There are also smaller sections of music for violin, organ, harp, flute, accordion, banjo, mandolin, guitar; jigs and reels; other dance music; music instruction materials.

In addition, there are binder's collections of 19th century music, including both vocal and instrumental selections. There are perhaps 5,000 pieces of octavo band music, mostly popular arrangements of the late-19th through the mid-20th century. Finally, there are several hundred cartons on unsorted music, mostly vocal and instrumental music from the 1840's through the 1920's, and folio band arrangements, primarily of classical composers, accounting for the remaining 250,000 titles.

Other music resources in the John Hay Library are the sheet music titles associated with the Abraham Lincoln Collection and the Anne S. K. Brown Military Collection (some covers only in this Collection), as well as small sections of music in other named collections. There are relatively small collections of recordings (both 78's and 33 1/3's), consisting primarily of jazz, blues, and 20th century popular music and show tunes, and approximately 200 piano rolls and cylinder recordings.

The Orwig Music Library contains many supportive and general materials related to American music and music history.

Illustration: Harrigan & Hart's Mulligan guard picnic songster New York : Popular Pub. Co., [1878?]

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