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Conference poster

Politics, Culture, and Race in Brazil:
A Conference Honoring
Thomas E. Skidmore

April 20-22, 2006

Thursday, April 20

Joukowsky Forum, Watson Institute, 111 Thayer St.

Brown Undergraduate History Forum: Life, Politics, and Culture during the Brazilian Dictatorship

10:30-11:50: “The 1964 Brazilian Military Coup and its Aftermath”
Chair and Opening Presentation: Natan Zeichner

  • Abigail Jones, “The Changing Discourse of Ambassador Lincoln Gordon”
  • Cara Goodman, “The U.S. War on Latin American Labor”
  • Eli Marienthal, “Indian Policy in Brazil: Genocide and Myth-making”

Comments: Evelyn Duran

7:00-9:00: Center for Latin American Film Series
Madame Satã (Brazil, 2002)

Friday, April 21

Joukowsky Forum, Watson Institute

10:00-11:30: “Voices of Opposition”
Chair and Opening Presentation: Natan Zeichner

  • Cecilia Fletcher, “Artists against the Dictatorship: The X Bienal of São Paulo”
  • Emma Tai, “An Exemplar of Integrity: The Life and Work of Brady Tyson”
  • Benjamin Brown, “Carter and Geisel: The Politics of Shared Liberalization”

Comments: Ashley Morse

12:00-1:00: Box Lunch for Colloquium Participants
Watson Library, 3rd floor

1:00-4:45: International Colloquium on Race and Ethnicity in Brazil
Joukowsky Forum, Watson Institute

Chaired by:

  • James N. Green, Brown University
  • Jeffrey Lesser, Emory University
  • Jerry Dávila, University of North Carolina, Charlotte


  • Reid Andrews, University of Pittsburgh
    “Workers and Soldiers: Comparing Black Political Mobilization in Brazil and Spanish America, 1800-2000.”
  • Anani Dzidzienyo, Brown University
    Afrodescendentes and Brazilian Race Relations: The Rise of Afros and the Decline of Brazilian Exceptionalism.”
  • Antônio Sérgio Guimarães, Universidade de São Paulo
    “Africanism and Racial Democracy: The Correspondance between Melville Herskovits and Arthur Ramos (1935-1949).”
  • Thomas Holloway, University of California, Davis
    “Negro Teimoso, marcado para morrer: The Defiant Life and Forgotten Death of Apulco de Castro.”
  • Mary Karasch, Oakland University
    “Quality, Nation, and Color: Constructing Race and Ethnicity in Central Brazil, 1775-1835.”
  • Marcos Chor Maio, Fundação Oswaldo Cruz
    “Rethinking the UNESCO Race Relations Project in Brazil in the 1950s”
  • Edward Telles, University of California, Los Angeles
    "Thomas E. Skidmore and Evolving Understandings of Race in Brazil and the United States."
  • Barbara Weinstein, University of Maryland
    “The Color of Modernity: São Paulo and the Whitening of Brazilian (Regional) History.”
  • Daryle Williams, University of Maryland
    “The Redemption of Ham: The Visuality of Blackness and Beauty in Brazilian Fine Arts.”

5:00-6:30: Conference Opening Ceremony
John Hay Library, Brown University

Distinguished Guests
James N. Green, An Academic Biography of Thomas E. Skidmore
With the participation of:

  • Patricia Figueroa, Ibero-American Studies Librarian
  • Abigail Jones
  • Jennifer Lambe
  • Ana Loso
  • Orville Carey Turnquist
  • Yi Liu
  • Natan Zeichner

6:30-7:30: Reception John Hay Library

(Informal dinner arrangements)

Saturday, April 22

Joukowsky Forum, Watson Institute, 111 Thayer St.

Thomas E. Skidmore: An Historian and His Legacy

8:30-9:30: Coffee

9:30-11:45: Latin American History: An International Gaze
Chair: Todd Diacon, University of Tennessee

  • John Coatsworth, Harvard University
  • Mary Kay Vaughn, University of Maryland
  • Kenneth Maxwell, Harvard University


  • Joel Wolfe, Rice University
  • Herbert Braun, University of Virginia

11:45-1:00: Lunch
Watson Institute, first floor lobby

1:00-3:00: Skidmore on Culture

  • Luiz F. Valente, Brown University
  • Nelson Vieira, Brown University
  • Christopher Dunn, Tulane University

3:00-3:30: Coffee break

3:30-5:30: The Next Generation: Thomas Skidmore’s Legacy
Chair and Comments: Jerry Dávila, University of North Carolina

  • Roger Kittleson, Williams College
  • Tia Malkin, Lebanon Valley College
  • Chris Frazer, St. Francis Xavier University
  • Zachary Morgan, Boston College
  • Brian Bockelman, Dickinson College

5:30-6:00: Closing Remarks

  • Barbara Weinstein, University of Maryland
  • Jeffrey Lesser, Emory University

7:00-9:30: Conference Dinner at Brown Faculty Club
1 Magee Street

Special thanks to:
Kate Farrell, Patricia Figueroa, Samuel Streit, Fred Fullerton, Susan Hirsch, Abigail Jones, Adriana Marques, President's Office of Brown University, Jorge Caê Rodriques, Natan Zeichner, and the Skidmore Family.

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