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The more things change…


As winter in New England quickly becomes the house guest that has greatly outstayed its welcome, I thought it would be interesting to browse through the Brown Digital Repository for images of snow in Providence. I came upon this image with a view up Williams Street of the Nightingale Brown House. Trade in the horse-drawn carriage for some contemporary vehicles, and it’s not too far from the Williams Street we saw on Tuesday.

* Update: Many thanks to Ron Potvin, for correcting the information about this image. We have updated the post as well as our metadata in the BDR to reflect his insights.



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  2. This image is actually of Williams Street looking east. The Nightingale-Brown House is to the left of the photographer, who appears to be standing in the middle of the street. The column on the left marks the opening to the courtyard of the Nightingale-Brown House. This column is about eight feet high, and about six feet of it is visible above the snow. In the background is the Edward Carrington House. The high retaining wall that separates the Brown property from the current property of the President’s House isn’t visible. Since the President’s House was built for Rush Sturges in 1922, the photograph was taken ca. 1920 or earlier, judging from the absence of plows.

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