Digital Scholarship Lab

Lab Features

The DSL is the newest space in the Brown Rockefeller library, designed specifically for collaboration, flexibility, and ease of use for scholars working on data-rich and visually-mediated research.

A 7×16 foot display wall

One side of the lab is occupied by a beautiful large-scale, high-resolution video wall comprised of twelve 55-inch high-resolution LED screens. The total size is 7,680 pixels across by 3,240 pixels down for a total of over 24 million pixels.

This display is perfect for viewing high resolution images in great detail, or viewing many images side-by-side for comparison.

Multiple video inputs

There are 14 video inputs throughout the room, into which you can plug your laptop or tablet -- even your smartphone! Anywhere between one and 12 of those inputs can be displayed on the wall simultaneously, in a variety of configurations.

Being able to easily change the layout of the wall means that the room is conducive to a variety of presentation styles, and that one can seamlessly move between modes of use: from a single input for presenting one person’s work to an audience, to 2 inputs for visual comparison, or many more inputs to collectively and collaboratively look at a team’s work.

Portable touch-enabled 50-inch monitors

We also have two large portable monitors on carts that can be moved around the room.

The wall is great, but can be overkill for small group work. The portable monitors allow for small-group breakouts.


The lab contains two high-definition wall-mounted cameras that can be panned and zoomed by remote control.

The DSL has full videoconferencing capabilities for bringing in remote speakers or teleconferencing.

Completely reconfigurable furniture

The lab is equipped with comfortable seating and tables, and all furniture is on wheels. Table seating accommodates up to 20, with additional seating for up to 45.

The DSL can be converted from a lecture hall to a team project room to a seminar room within minutes

High-performance Windows PC

While any computer can be plugged into the wall, sometimes you need to use every last pixel and have some accompanying computational power.

For those occasions, the DSL features a 6‑core Dell Precision T7600 with 32 GB of RAM, a dedicated SSD running Windows 7, and a 2 TB RAID for data storage.

For more information visit the full specifications on the Technical page


The DSL is meant to be used by the entire campus community

We book research sessions, classes, meetings, workshops, and shows for students, faculty, and staff. Contact us at (digital‑scholarship‑ or 401‑863‑5076) to book time in the DSL.

Or stop by during our open drop-in hours — a lab monitor will be there to give you a tour or help you get set up.

Monday – Thursday

8 – 10 p.m.


1 – 4 p.m.


8 – 11 p.m.

Lab location

The DSL is located on the main floor of the Rockefeller Library on the Brown University Campus at 10 Prospect Street, Providence, R.I.

From the Rockefeller main entrance, pass through the security gate and take an immediate right turn past the elevators and through the glass doors. The display wall will be behind a window right in front of you; the entrance to the lab is on your left.

Lab layout

The DSL is approximately 12 meters by 8.5 meters. It has 6 video and power plugs in the floor. The display wall is is on the north wall, and the entrance doorway is to the south.

Videos featuring the Patrick Ma Digital Scholarship Lab

The Lab is made possible thanks to the generosity of Mr. Patrick Ma, P’14; the Sidney E. Frank Foundation; the Dupee Fund for Library Technology; and an anonymous donor.