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BATTLE DOGS: A Selection of War Dog Art from the Anne S. K. Brown Military Collection

June 3 - August 30, 2009

John Hay Library, Bopp Seminar Room

20 Prospect Street
Providence, Rhode Island 02912
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Dogs have become associated with warfare, as the 'hounds of war' or Marine Corps bulldogs. They symbolize tenacity and resilience, but also ferocity and terror. They are an effective weapon, but more than just another piece of equipment. They can overcome the best of human technology, through their superior senses, but are vulnerable to the elements the same way that humans are.

This exhibit explores dogs as a metaphor, warriors, companions, and mascots using items from the Anne S. K. Brown Military Collection.

Exhibition design by Miranda Summers, AM'09 Public Humanities
For further information contact Peter Harrington.

Image: "The dog that saved the regiment," painted by Gayle Porter Hoskins for the Ladies' Home Journal Souvenir Pictures of the Great War.

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