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East Asian Book Art

This exhibition was available from Dec. 16, 2009 to March 19, 2010.

East Asian countries, China, Japan, and Korea, are not only proud of their long history of paper production and book printing, but also of their development of wonderful book design and binding art. China especially now produces more books than any other country in the world, and has witnessed an increasing growth of newly designed books in recent years. We think it's time to introduce this new trend of book art to our library patrons.

Combining the best of traditional design with modern colors and patterns, these books often use various "real" materials, such as painted porcelains, embroidery, coins, stamps, wood, leather, and special paper, to bring the readers into close touch with both culture and nature. The designs and shapes of the books and book covers/cases are also varied and vivid. In terms of content, the historical range covers nearly 5,000 years. The subject fields include East Asian history, literature, philosophy, religion, military art, fine art, calligraphy, and folk arts. Themes range from ancient bamboo slips to modern music CDs; from Confucian classics to Chairman Mao's "Little Red Book"; from the printed Buddhist canon of Korea to Japanese ukiyo-e art; and from woodblock printing to Peking opera makeup. All these reflect the essence of the rich and colorful East Asian cultures.

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