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Re-opening the 17th century: Reading and Spectacle in the French Court

December 17, 2007 - February 2008

A student project by Maha Atal '08 and Sara Damiano '08 in partial fulfillment of requirements for FREN 1040C "Lire et voir le XVlle siècle aujourd' hui."

To the contemporary mind, a reference to 17th century France calls up images of decadence, pleasure, and luxury, embodied in the grand architecture of Versailles. But how was this world interpreted and experienced by the men and women who lived in it? Bringing together original texts by 17th century literary giants from Molière to Racine, visual representations of Versailles, and insights from scholarly works, this exhibit exposes the personal and political dilemmas that governed ambitions in the back corridors of the Sun-King's court.

Accompanying essays (in French and English):
» Madame de Maintenon et Esther
» La civilité de la cour
» Livres et patrimoine : Le Théâtre de Corneille
» Versailles
» Livres et Commerce : Lettres Provinciales
» Aristocratie et paternité
» Beaux-arts et mécénat

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Image: Louis XIV and suite arriving at a château c. 1700

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