Theses and Dissertations - Information for Academic Departments

Departments requiring commercial binding services should send the materials to the Preservation Department via campus mail or deliver them in person during business hours. Our address is:

Commercial Binding
Rockefeller Library--Preservation Department
10 Prospect St. Box A
Providence, RI 02912

Theses and dissertations purchased by the department for graduating students must be accompanied by a Binding Request Form:

  • Binding Request Form (Word, PDF)
  • Sample Binding Request Form (PDF)

Binding Style
Theses and dissertations are bound in black library cloth with gold lettering unless other specifications are made. The spine of the binding includes the title of the thesis/dissertation, the student's last name and year of completion. Special characters, such as Greek letters or mathematical symbols, may not be available for spine printing.

sample thesis binding

If an academic department wishes have a thesis/dissertation bound in any other color or with other pre-printed spine information, a Binding Style Form must be completed. The Binding Style Form is also required for all non-thesis binding requests. This form may be printed from this link and completed, or multi-part carbon copy forms are available from the Bindery. Binding cloth colors and their corresponding codes may be found at the Acme Bookbinding website. A sample Binding Style Form is available here for your reference.

The charge for thesis binding is per copy. Additional charges may apply to unusually large publications, or those with accompanying media. Other binding prices vary according to the size and type of material being bound. A cost estimate can be made by Preservation staff prior to shipping items to Acme Bookbinding, but the exact price is determined by Acme.

Payment may be made via Internal Purchasing Requisition. Payment may also be made by check, PCard/Credit Card or Declining Balance card at the time the bound items are picked up by the cardholder at the Circulation desk in the Rockefeller Library.

Processing Time
We ship materials to our commercial binding vendor every other Tuesday. The deadline to get your items into the current week's shipment is 10 a.m. Monday. Items received after 10 a.m. on Monday may not go out until the next shipment. Bound items are due back two weeks after the shipment date (the day the items are sent to the vendor, not the day they are received at the library), and will be available the following day. We will notify you via email or local phone call when the bound items are ready for pick-up at the Circulation desk. For binding prepaid with an Internal Purchase Requisition (IPR), the items will be sent to the department via campus mail unless other instructions are provided.

Special Needs
If you have binding style or processing time requirements that are unmet by the services outlined above, please contact Acme Bookbinding or another commercial binder directly to discuss your project.