Request for Expedited Library Processing

Brown University faculty, students, and staff may request materials on order or in-process

If the Josiah item status is:Processing time is:
OrderedItem not yet received; shipping times vary
Under consideration3 business days
In-process3 business days
Available soon3 business days
Being boundUp to 2 weeks

If the expedited processing time will not meet your needs you may wish to borrow from another library.

Please supply the following information:

Your Name:

Campus Box:




Search Josiah as needed for the following:



Date of Publication:


Cancel this request if materials not received by (mm/dd/yyyy):
If no date is provided, the request will be cancelled in 30 days.

When the material you requested is ready to be picked up, a notice will be mailed to you.

You may also print this page and fax it to: 863-1272