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Databases and electronic projects

  • Bases de datos Bibliográficas del CSIC
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    "The ICYT, ISOC and IME bibliographic databases covers the Spanish scientific production published in Spain from the 70s up to date. They mostly include articles from scientific journals, but also a selection of congress and conference proceedings, serials, compilations, reprots and monographies." Created by the Center for Scientific Information and Documentation (CINDOC) for the Higher Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) in Spain, the Bases de Datos del CSIC contains three databases that index Spanish journals and conference papers.
    • ISOC - 1970 to present; contains nine subdatabases in the social sciences and humanities.
    • ICYT - 1979 to present; science and technology.
    • IME - 1971 to present; medicine.

  • Bibliografía de la Literatura Española desde 1980
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    1980 to present; a resource for scholars of Spanish literature, Bibliografía de la Literatura Española provides bibliographic information on a wide range of subject areas including literary theory, literary genres, popular literature, Hispanism, bibliographies and authors.

  • Teatro Español del Siglo de Oro (TESO)
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    TESO is a full text database containing more than 800 plays written by 16 dramatists from sixteenth and seventeenth century Spain. Each play is reproduced in full, including the "Preliminaries" which contain "aprobaciones", "censuras", and "privilegios." The editorial board of TESO selected the first editions of each volume and avoided facsimiles.

  • PhiloBiblon
    open access
    "A project to construct a bio-bibliographical database of early texts produced in the Iberian Peninsula and to provide access to this information through the Web." It contains three databases:
    • BETA - Bibliografía Española de Textos Antiguos
    • BITAGAP - Bibliografia de Textos Antigos Galegos e Portugueses
    • BITECA - Bibliografia de Textos Catalans Antics

  • LIBRO: Library of Iberian Resources Online
    open access
    "The Library of Iberian Resources Online (LIBRO) is a joint project of the American Academy of Research Historians of Medieval Spain and the University of Central Arkansas. Its task is to make available to users the best scholarship about the peoples and nations of the Iberian peninsula. Consequently, the book list is principally drawn from recent, but out-of-print university press monographs. In addition, the collection includes a number of basic texts and sources in translation. These are presented in full-text format and reproduce all the matter included in the original print version. The collection focuses upon peninsular history from the fifth to the seventeenth centuries."