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  • HI0197_99: Body and Soul: Women and Health, 1860-1920
  • EDUC0400: Campus on Fire
    Cross-listed as: HI0098_14 (History)
  • HI0197_41: Women in Early Modern England, 1500-1800
    Cross-listed as: no code (RISD)
  • HI0298_02: 20th Century Women's/Gender History
  • HI0097_16: Tokyo Modern
  • HI0097_13: Human Rights as History
  • HI0197 S59: Mexican Revolution
    Cross-listed as: LM0151 (Latin American Studies)
  • HIST0970R: Holocaust in Historical Perspective
    Cross-listed as: HI0097_21 (History)
  • HI0197_73: Maya in the Modern World
  • HI0167 _01: History of Brazil
    Cross-listed as: PB0167 _01 (Portuguese and Brazilian Studies)
  • HI0097 _20: Truth on Trial: Justice in Italy 1500-1800
    Cross-listed as: IT0075 (Italian Studies)
  • HI0197_03: Gender and Sexuality in Latin America
    Cross-listed as: PB0160_03 (Portuguese and Brazilian Studies)
  • HI0162 _01: Colonial Latin America
  • HIST1976W_S01: Colonialism, Culture and Conflict in Modern Ireland, 1800 to Present
  • HIST0970_19: Culture and U. S. Empire
  • HIST0970T: The Measure of All Things
  • HI0190_01: History of American Foreign Relations II: U. S. Foreign Relations from 1890
    Cross-listed as: ET0187_01 (Ethnic Studies)
  • HIST0970S: Sport in American History
  • HI0108: The Cold War and the Remaking of Europe, 1945-1991
  • HI0097_24: Politics of Gender in the U.S., from WW II to the ERA
  • HI0197_04: African Environmental History
    Cross-listed as: AF0105 (Africana Studies)
  • HI0297_45: The Authority of the Word: Books, Culture and Society in Europe and North America
  • HIST0970M: The World of Walden Pond
  • HI0111_01: Cultures Wars: Imagining Modernity in 19th Century Europe (1789-1900)
  • HI0163_01: Modern Latin America I
  • HI0197_51: History of Rio de Janeiro
    Cross-listed as: PB0160 (Portuguese and Brazilian Studies)
  • HIST 1520B: Twentieth Century China
    Cross-listed as: no code (History)
  • HIST197W: History of American Catholicism
  • HIST0970Z: Atlantic Pirates
  • HIST0970X: Gandhi's Way
  • HIST 1970O: Moving Boundaries: Inequalities, Histories and the Making of Postcolonial South Asia
  • HIST 0420: Introduction to East Asian Civilization: Japan
  • HIST1972T: The Vote in Transnational Context
  • ITAL 7510: When Leaders Lie: Machiavelli in International Context
    Cross-listed as: no code (History)
  • HIST1974I_01: War and Gender in Twentieth-Century Europe
  • EDUC0850: The History of Intercollegiate Athletics
    Cross-listed as: no code (History)
  • HIST2790W_01: Graduate Readings in Early American History
  • HIST 1973N_01: The French Revolution
  • HIST1975T: Colonial Encounters: Indians, Europeans, and the Making of Early America
  • HIST1805: First Nations: The Peoples and Cultures of Native North America to 1800
  • HIST1973H: The American Founding, 1750-1800
    Cross-listed as: no code (Political Science)
  • HIST0970A: Object Histories: The Material Culture of Early America
  • HIST1800: History of Religion in America, 1600 to 1865
  • HIST0971D: An Empire and a Republic: The Dutch Golden Age
  • HIST1490: History of Medicine I: Medical Traditions in the Old World to 1700
  • HIST1820: American Urban History to 1870
  • HIST1801: Religion, Politics, and Culture in America, 1600 ­ Present
  • HIST1830: American Urban History, 1870-1960
  • HIST0970J_01: Slavery and Historical Memory in the United States
  • HIST1977H_01: U.S. Legal and Business History: Regulating the Marketplace
  • HIST2980Y: Religion in the Early Modern Atlantic World