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International Relations
  • POLS 1390: International Organization & World Politics
    Cross-listed as: no code (International Relations)
  • IR01350: History & Theory of International Relations
  • IR0180_94: Drugs & Society: The Politics & Culture of Coca & Cocaine
  • IR0180_01: International Human Rights
    Cross-listed as: PS0182_26 (Political Science)
  • IR0170: International Law
    Cross-listed as: PS0170 (Political Science)
  • AN0133: Political Anthropology
    Cross-listed as: IR0133 (International Relations)
  • IR01800W: Population & Environment in China
  • IR01800R: Post-Soviet States From the Past Into the Future
  • IR0180_25: The Vietnam War Revisited
  • INTL1800E: The Good Fight: Documentary Work & Social Change
  • IR0180_03: Asian Financial Crisis
    Cross-listed as: PS0182 (Political Science)
  • INTL 1800F: Perspectives on Terrorism