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Official record of the proceedings, debates and votes of Congress.

Congressional Record numbering is given at the top of the document

The Congressional Record gives you entire speeches and floor discussion.


About This Resource

The numbering is this: 109 (2006) H-House 27. This stands for Congress and year 109 (2006), then whether it was in the H-House, S-Senate, D-Daily Digest, or E-Ext. of Remarks, which is remarks that were submitted in paper, not verbalized on the floor, and finally page number (27).

Online resources allow text searching.

Please use the Citation Guide for the numbering system for the paper copies and older editions.

Digital Paper

LexisNexis: Congressional Record & Rules Full-tex back to 1985.

U.S. Congressional Record (GPO Access) has full-text from 1994.

From 1875-1985, please consult the paper copies.

Congressional Record Debates and Proceedings, 1873-1875 has the records of floor activity and votes.

Congressional Globe Debates and Proceedings, 1833-1873 has the records of floor activity and votes.

Congressional Record Permanent Edition 1873-1998

Congressional Globe 1833-1873


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