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Daily publication of Presidential proclamations, executive orders, and agency regulations. The Federal Register differs from the Code of Federal Regulations ( See CFR) in that it prints the proposals and meetings on a daily basis for changing regulations, whereas the CFR publishes only the final, approved version.


In the paper version, use the Contents section in the beginning to see where things are listed. The new EPA rule for the Air quality planning purposes; designation of areas: South Dakota, 1162-11163.


If you flip to page 11162, you find the ruling.

About This Resouce

In LexisNexis, the numbering system is Volume, FR, page number. For example, 70 FR 73919 is volume 70 FR page 73919.

In the paper copy, you can find things using the numbering system, such as the citation just given. However, you can use the subject listing to find entries. In the front of every daily edition, there is a Contents section that lists entries by issuing agency. So, for our example above, if you look in the Federal Register Vol. 70, No. 239, you see in the Contents section under Federal Aviation Adminstration, Rules: Airworthiness directives: Airbus, 73919-73921. So, the section dealing with Airbus is on pages 73919-73921.


LexisNexis: Regulations By selecting Federal Register, you can search back to 1980.

Federal Register has U.S. federal codes for federal agencies back to the 1990s.

Recent Federal Register in Reference. Also, explore the microfiche for historical research.





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