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All the information about the process of bills successfully becoming laws, e.g., bills, sponsors, debates. The bills that never become laws are not included.

In LexisNexis, the Public Law number is given and the bills, hearings, reports, and Congressional Record entries that went into making the law.

About This Resource

If you are doing general searching, start in LexisNexis: Legislative Histories, Bills & Laws. It will list the law and what government information was created to make the law. You will therefore need to consult bills, hearing, reports and the Congressional Record.


LexisNexis: Legislative Histories, Bills and Laws

Legislative Histories contain all the information about bills that become law. There are three time periods of coverage:

  1. 1999 to present has full text coverage of all information incluced in Legislative Histories.
  2. 1984-1998 has full text coverage of only major Public Laws.
  3. 1969-1983 has abbreviated histories of all Public Laws.

Please consult bills, hearing, reports and the Congressional Record







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