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When the President rejects a bill. It is then sent back to the Congress.


President Clinton's veto of House Bill 743 "The Teamwork for Employees and Managers Act of 1995"


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First search online for the veto. You can get summaries or a citation back to the 1830s in LexisNexis. If you need to get the full text of the veto, use the procedure for finding Documents in the Serial Set.

Numbering for documents is H. or S. (House or Senate) Doc. (Document) number of Congress, number of document. For example, H. Doc. 108-35 "Plan Colombia/Andean Counterdrug Initiative Semi-Annual Obligation Report, Communication from the President" is a House Document from the 108th Congress numbered 35.

If you're looking for old reports or documents in paper:

  1. Find the number for it in LexisNexis. In the record, look for DOC-NO and SERIAL-VOL-NO. For example, "Bridge across Hudson River at New York City, by New York and New Jersey Bridge Company, with minority report" is DOC-NO: H.rp.3167, 51-1 SERIAL-VOL-NO: 2816.
  2. Both reports and documents are published in the Serial Set , so we have to find which volume. In the DOC-NO after the comma, you see the Congressional Session - 51-1. You need to go to Josiah and search for Serial Set, which are listed by session number.
  3. The Rockefeller has paper copies of the Serial Set from 1909 onwards. The SERIAL -VOL is the volume number. So, we're looking for volume 2816 and then, if there are more than one document in the volume, look for the DOC - NO - H.rp.3167. Before 1909, your quickest option is to use the microfiche. The Serial Set is under the number JK404 .C59x in the Hecker Center microfiche cabinets. Then the actual microfiche will be numbered by the SERIAL-VOL number. There might be a few cards to cover the whole volume, so check each volume card for the report or document you're looking for.
Digital Paper

LexisNexis: Congressional Publication Select only House & Senate Documents (1817-present) and include the word veto in your search.

GPO Congressional Documents: back to 1995. Include the word veto in your search.

In Josiah , do a Title search for the Serial Set. This set goes back to 1817, and is located both in the Hay and Rockefeller.





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