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AccessUN operates very similiarly to other catalogs, but it's a little quirky.

Let's say we want to do a sample search for U.N. documents about human rights in Iraq . Type your keywords into the search field and select from the search terms on the right how you want to search. We'll try All Fields for this one. Below the search fields, you see options that are relatively self-explanatory: document type, full-text search and date. But, two types of documents need explanation. First, Masthead are documents used as a basis for discussion at U.N. meetings, for example reports, memoranda, studies, etc. Second, Sales Publications are, as the name suggests, publications that are normally sold. Since we are a partial depository, it's likely that we have a copy of Sales Publications. We will talk about this in a moment.

Ok, let's do our search for human rights and Iraq. Click Search.

We now receive a result screen. There are a number of ways to obtain the documents given.

1) The full text icon , if there is this option, is on the left.

2) If there is no full text then you need to consider what time the document was published.

  • After 1990: If the result gives a number on the right, it is a call number, called a document symbol. For example result number 8 has the number E/CN.6/2005/NGO/32. If it's after 1990 with a document symbol, we should have it in microfiche. The microfiche is located in the Hecker Center in the Rockefeller Library on the first floor. Be careful! Our catalog starts with JX for U.N. documents, but this is not on the actual microfiche. So, find the JX microfiche and then look for the U.N. numbers. The microfiche is organized by year and then alphabetically by the first letter which stands for what organization within the U.N. the document is coming from. E, for example, stands for the Economic and Social Council. Once you get the microfiche, you can view them on the machines that are located at the end of Hecker after the microfiche drawers.

    If the record says no document symbol, then it's probably a sales publication and we probably have it here. For example, in our results, example number 1 below, UN Chronicle, is a serial that we receive since we're a U.N. depository. Go to Josiah and search for the title.

  • Before 1990: If the document is before 1990, your search depends on what kind of document it is. For example, if you did a search for UNFICYP, the United Nations Peace-Keeping Force in Cyprus, between the years 1964-68, you get several different types of documents. Check the 1) Document Type in the record to see what kind it is.

The document types that we have at Brown are:

  • Sales Publications: Search for 3) the title in Josiah.

  • Official Records: This is a journal of many activities of the U.N. Look at 2) U.N. Body entry to see if it will be in the journal from the Security Council or the General Assembly. Search for 3) the title in the appropriate journal on the 4th floor of the Rock (1-SIZE JX1977 .A1)

  • Periodical: Search for 3) the title in Josiah.


We do not have at Brown:


Miscellaneous Documents:

  • You need to check these documents individually. Search for 3) the title in Josiah. If you can't find it here, you can obtain the document by interlibrary loan (ILL) from a library that does have it


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