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Many U.N. organs set up agendas of what issues they will discuss during the session.

1) Along with the title, you see the UN Doc Symbol at the beginning of the agenda.

The agenda lists all the items to be discussed.

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When searching in UNBISnet, you can search using general search methods. If you know more about the agenda you are looking for, try the UN Doc Symbol field

  • For the General Assembly, the numbering system is A/session number/251(number for agenda) . So, a search for the agenda for the agenda from 1995 (session 50) would be UN Doc. Symbol A/50/251.
  • For the Security Council, the numbering system is S/Agenda/number of meeting.
  • For the Economic and Social Council, the numbering system for Programmes is E/year/1, Provisional agendas is E/year/2 and Substantive issues are E/year/100
Digital Paper

UNBISnet has records back to 1979 and full-text to 1992.

AccessUN  1944-present. It provides access to current and retrospective United Nations documents and publications. It does not offer everything in full-text. Please read these quick instructions to help you find what you want.

Official Records of the General Assembly from 1946-1990.

Official Records/ United Nations, Security Council has from 1946-1990.

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