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UNBISnet is the United Nations Library catalog. It has records back to 1979 and full-text to 1992.

  • Environment subject search provides dozens of subheadings.

AccessUN 1944-present. This catalog provides access to current and retrospective United Nations documents and publications. It does not offer everything in full-text. Please read these quick instructions to help you find what you want.

When doing a search, select "in subjects" for your method and try these subject headings to narrow your search to this topic:

Environmental Auditing
Environmental Cooperation
Environmental Degradation
Environmental Education
Environmental Health
Environmental Illness
Environmental Impact Assessment
Environmental Law
Environmental Management
Environmental Modification
Environmental Monitoring
Environmental Policy
Environmental Protection
Environmental Quality
Environmental Warfare
Environmentally Sound Products
Environmentally Sound Technology

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U.N. Organizations

UNESCO: Natural Sciences

United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification

United Nations Environmental Programme tries to inspire and encourage nations to take care of the environment.

UN-Habitat (United Nations Human Settlement Programme) tries to create socially and environmentally sustainable towns and cities to give adequate shelter for all people.

The World Bank: Environment

The World Trade Organization (WTO): Environment


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