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The Court documents all its cases with Memorials, Orders, Judgements, background to the cases, etc.

The judgement of the International Court from the Nicaragua vs. U.S. case of 1986.

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Documentation of cases, from Memorials to Judgements, are given by year, date, and General List number .

For Example, 1979 15 December General List No. 64 "Order of 15 December 1979 Provisional Measures" is the Order to release the American hostages in 1979. However, searching by the name of the case is more than adequate since there are relative few Court documents.

Digital Paper

International Court of Justice: List of Cases brought before the Court since 1946 has full-text or summaries of judgements of contentious cases and opinions of advisory cases. Each entry includes procedural documents of the cases, for example orders and press releases.

In Josiah , do a Title search for Pleadings, oral arguments and documents , which has cases with decisions until 1990.


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