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The major document type for U.N. organs is the Resolution, which describes the situation and the actions that will be taken by the U.N., for example to send peacekeepers or call on nations to do a certain act. It is the will of the organization. A Decision, on the other hand, is the will of the organization about an internal affair affecting the U.N. only, such as elections or appointments.

Resolutions have a certain structure. They have a Preamble and Operative Part:

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Using UNBISNET, you can limit your searches to resolutions. In the UN Doc Symbol field use:

  • a/res/ for General Assembly resolutions
  • s/res for Security Council resolutions
  • e/res for Economic and Social Council resolutions
Digital Paper

United Nations Bibliographic Information System (UNBISNET) has full-text of documents back to 1946.

AccessUN , an index of resolutions back to 1944 and full-text back to 1980. (See AccessUN instructions for more search information and Document Type for more information about U.N. documents).

Official Records of the United Nations, Economic and Social Council from 1946 to 1990.

Resolutions of the General Assembly goes from 1946-1986.

Resolutions of the Security Council goes from 1946-1986.








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