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Each organ has to approve resolutions by a vote.

You can search for the vote on resolutions in UNBISnet: Voting Record Search. If you click onto the record title, you can see the vote by each country.




About This Resource

Using UNBISNET, you can limit your searches to resolutions. In the UN Doc Symbol field use:

  • a/res/ for General Assembly resolutions
  • s/res for Security Council resolutions
  • e/res for Economic and Social Council resolutions
Digital Paper

UNBISnet: Voting Record Search to get voting records for resolutions back to 1983 (38th session). You can search by keyword or resolution symbols. Click on the citation to get the roll call.

Resolutions of the General Assembly has the votes on each resolution from 1946-1986.

Resolutions of the Security Council goes from 1946-1986.


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