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de bry

CO0071_02 (Comparative Literature)
An interdisciplinary journey-combining history, literature, art, film architecture, cartography-through representations of the many worlds that comprised the colonial Hispanic New World. We traverse the paradisiacal Antilles, the U.S. Southwest, Tenochtitlan/Mexico City, Lima, Potosí. We read European, indigenous, and Creole writers, including: Columbus, Las Casas, Bernal Díaz, Aztec poets, Guaman Poma, Sor Juana.

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Image: Guaman Poma de Ayala, Felipe. Nueva coronica y buen gobierno. Paris, Institut d'ethnologie, 1936.

Image: Bry, Johann Theodor de. Americae tertia pars memorabile provinciae Brasiliae historiam. Impressvm Francofurti ad Moenum : Apud Ionnem Wechelumimpensis Theodori de Bry, 1592.
Link to full image in the Latin American Travelogues digital project.