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HI0167 _01 (History)
PB0167 _01 (Portuguese and Brazilian Studies)
In five hundred years, Brazil has undergone massive transformations: once a minor outpost of the Portuguese empire, it is now the fifth largest and most-populous country in the world, with its tenth- largest economy and third-largest democratic polity. Throughout, Brazil has exhibited great cultural vitality alongside dramatic social inequality. HI167 explores these developments, beginning with Brazil's sixteenth-century origins and ending with its twenty-first century present.

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Image: Detail of a print by Jean-Baptiste Debret entitled Acclamation de Don Pédro 1er, Empereur du Brésil; au Camp de Sta Anna, ŕ Rio de Janeiro, 1834-39. Thomas E. Skidmore Collection. John Hay Library.

Image: Books from theThomas E. Skidmore Collection. John Hay Library.