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Brazil History

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Brazil Slavery

Brazil Slavery History

Brazil History 1549 1762

Brazil History 1580 1640

Brazil History Dutch Conquest 1624 1654

Brazil History 1763 1822

Brazil History Declaration Of Independence 1822

Brazil History Empire 1822 1889

Brazil History 1889 1930

Brazil History Canudos Campaign 1893 1897

Brazil History 1930 1945

Brazil History Revolution 1964

Pedro Ii Emperor Of Brazil 1825 1891

Vargas Getulio 1883 1954

Brazil Politics And Government 1945 1954

Kubitschek Juscelino 1902 1976

Brazil Politics And Government 1954 1964

Brazil Politics And Government 1964 1985

Bottom image: Book covers from the Thomas E. Skidmore Collection. John Hay Library.