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Guaman Poma De Ayala Felipe Fl 1613

Guaman Poma De Ayala Felipe Fl 1613 Primer Nueva Coronica I Buen Gobierno

Columbus Christopher

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Columbus Christopher Correspondence

Columbus Christopher Diaries

Columbus Christopher Influence

Potosi Bolivia History

Casas Bartolome De Las 1474 1566

Diaz Del Castillo Bernal 1496 1584

Bolivar Simon 1783 1830

Miranda Francisco De 1750 1816

San Martin Jose De 1778 1850

Image, center: "The city of Cusco capital of Peru" from Seventeen years travels of Peter de Cieza, through the mighty kingdom of Peru, and the large provinces of Cartagena and Popayan in South America: from the city of Panama, on the isthmus, to the frontiers of Chile by Pedro de Cieza de León. London, 1709. George Earl Church Collection. John Hay Library.