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Library Course Guide for: TRUTH ON TRIAL: JUSTICE IN ITALY 1500-1800

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HI0097 _20 (History)
IT0075 (Italian Studies)
This seminar analyzes controversial trials in Italy between 1500-1800. From the persecution of heretics to the trial of Galileo and the increasing use of courts to resolve conflict, the judicial arena was crucial in evaluating political, scientific, and religious truth. A case study approach will evaluate the success of law courts in defining deviance, appropriate beliefs, and knowledge.

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Image: Detail of portrait of Galileo Galilei in Systema cosmicum : in quo quatuor dialogis, de duobus maximis mundi systematibus, Ptolemaico & Copernicano, utriusq; rationibus philosophicis ac naturalibus indefinite propositis disseritur, by Galileo Galilei. [Strasburg] : impensis Elzeviriorum, typis Davidis Hautti, 1635. John Hay Library.