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Dali Salvador 1904 1989

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Dali Salvador 1904 1989 Criticism And Interpretation

Gaudi Antoni 1852 1926

Gaudi Antoni 1852 1926 Criticism And Interpretation

Maragall Joan 1860 1911

Maragall Joan 1860 1911 Criticism And Interpretation

Ors Eugenio D 1882 1954 (books by)

Ors Eugenio D 1882 1954 (books about)

Ors Eugenio D 1882 1954 Criticism And Interpretation

Pla Josep 1897

Rodoreda Merce 1908

Rodoreda Merce 1908 Criticism And Interpretation

Marti I Pol Miquel 1929

Laforet Carmen (books by)

Laforet Carmen Criticism And Interpretation

Espriu Salvador

Gimferrer Pere 1945

Gimferrer Pere 1945 Criticism And Interpretation

Mendoza Eduardo 1943

Mendoza Eduardo 1943 Criticism And Interpretation

Monzo Quim 1952

Pamies Sergi 1960

Barcelona Spain History

Barcelona Spain History Revolution 1909

Social Movements Spain Barcelona History

Barcelona Spain Description And Travel

Arts Spanish Spain Barcelona

Architecture Spain Barcelona

Architecture Spain Barcelona 19th Century

Architecture Spain Barcelona 20th Century

Modernism Art Spain Barcelona

Barcelona Spain Buildings Structures Etc

Motion Pictures Spain History

Postmodernism Spain (film)