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  • Ad*Access (Duke University Library): Rental Cars 1947-1954

  • Blaine Brownell. A symbol of modernity: attitudes toward the automobile in southern cities in the 1920s

  • Dolores Hayden. Building Suburbia

  • Front & Center (Newsletter of theJohn W. Hartman Center for Sales, Advertising & Marketing History, Duke University)

  • James Flink. The automobile age

  • Kathleen Ervin. Failure Magazine examines the history of the Edsel

  • Matthew Roth. Mulholland Highway and the engineering culture of Los Angeles in the 1920s

  • Thorstein Veblen. The theory of the leisure class

  • Online Exhibitions:

  • 100 Years of Design (Industrial Design Society of America)

  • America on the Move (Smithsonian Institution)

  • American Sign Museum

  • Automobile in American Life and Society (University of Michigan)

  • Faster: The Pomona Drags (University of California, Riverside)

  • From Horses to Horsepower: Studebaker Helped Move a Nation (Smithsonian Institution)

  • Taking the Wheel: Manufacturers' Catalogs from the First Decade of American Automobiles
    NYPL Digital Gallery. Several hundred photomechanical reproductions from the pages of motor vehicle (automobiles and some trucks) manufacturers' catalogs from 1909, in the first decade of the automobile industry. Primarily monochrome, interspersed with surprisingly lavish color plates, the images include parts diagrams, engine works, and model inventory.

  • The Life of Henry Ford (Henry Ford Museum)

  • The Show Room of Automotive History (Henry Ford Museum)

  • Transportation Futuristics (University of California, Berkeley)

  • Utah's Bonneville Salt Flats (University of Utah)

  • Working at White: A History of White Motors