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Library Course Guide for: CULTURE AND U. S. EMPIRE

Brown Web Resources for Culture and U. S. Empire:

    Film & Video:

  • Brown film & Video holdings
    Browse for films by language, by title or by location.

    Note: Films in English can generally be found at the Media Center in the Sciences Library, while all foreign language films will be found at the Languages Resource Center (aka LRC).

  • Finding Aids:

  • Gay Pulp Fiction
    A searchable database of the Hay Library's extensive collection of gay and lesbian pulp fiction. Contains more than 4,600 titles, and can be searched by author, title, publisher and date.

  • Hall Hoag Collection of Extremist and Dissenting Literature, 1926-1996
    A collection of printed propaganda, representing a wide spectrum of activist groups from both the political right and the political left. Focuses on the post-WWII period