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Selected Internet Resources for Facing the Past: The Politics of Retrospective Justice:


  • Australian Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission
    The official website of the HREOC includes materials pertaining to social justice for Austrialia's Aboriginal peoples, including this speech on national apologies by Dr. William Jonas, a member of the HREOC for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice.

  • Commission for Reception, Truth and Reconciliation in East Timor
    Official website of the commission, including information on its mandate and progress, as well as press releases, documents and research links.

  • Greensboro Truth & Reconciliation Commission
    Official website of the independent commission formed for the purpose of "seeking truth and healing transformation " for Greensboro, North Carolina, where racial differences were strongly exacerbated by a series of violent events in November of 1979.

  • International Criminal Tribunal
    Official website of the U.N. tribunal formed to investigate war crimes taking place in the former Yugoslavia (Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Slovenia and Macedonia). Includes legal documents, case information and press releases.

  • Truth & Reconciliation Commission (South Africa)
    Official website of South Africa's Truth and Reconcilliation Commission. Includes information on the history of the Commission, as well as reports and other documents.

  • Media:

  • Democracy Now: Reparations to Japanese Americans
    Website for the independent talk radio program hosted by Amy Goodman which includes streamed version of an archived program originally aired February 1999, in which Goodman speaks with guest Marnie Mueller about the federal reparations to Japanese Americans interned in U.S. concentration camps during WWII.

  • NPR: Slave Reparations
    Special NPR report on the discussion of reparations for slavery in the United States, prepared in conjunction with the 2001 United Nations World Conference Against Racism.

  • Museums:

  • Japanese American National Museum
    Press release documenting a February 2006 commemorative event for Executive Order 9066 that focused on the efforts to obtain apologies for the mass deportations of Mexican Americans in the 1930.

  • United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
    Online exhibition on the Nuremberg Trials and Their Legacy. Includes significant links for photographs and other primary source materials, as well as related events throughout the world.

  • Virtual Archives:

  • Truth Commissions Digital Collection
    An online archive of documents compiled by the United States Institute for Peace. Includes information on truth commissions in Argentina, Bolivia, Chad, Chile, East Timor, Ecuador, El Salvador, Germany, Ghana, Guatemala, Haiti, Nepal, Nigera, Panama, Peru, Phillipines, Serbia, Sierra Leone, South Africa, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Uruguay, Uganda and Zambia. Also contains useful links for pertinent oral histories, peace agreements, research reports and other related resources.

  • United Church of Canada
    Historical background, documents and current 20th anniversary commemoration of the historic 1986 national apology of Canada's largest Protestant church to First Nations peoples for historical injustices.

  • Archive of the Truth & Reconciliation Commission for Sierra Leone
    Beginning with the Lome Accord of 1999, this site provides online access to key documents of the truth and reconciliation process for Sierra Leone

  • The Avalon Project
    Full text of key documents from the Nuremberg War Crimes trials, mounted online by the Yale University Law School.