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Library Course Guide for: GRADUATE STUDIO I

Working with Special Collections Staff

Welcome to the John Hay Library ! The staff at the John Hay Library are pleased to have you work with our unique collections this semester as part of your coursework. In order to ensure that you have the best possible experience, and make the most effective use of your time and ours, we have developed the following guidelines for using materials from the Hay Library's Special Collections for your course projects.

CONSULTATION: The first step to working with collections in the Hay is to make an appointment with the appropriate librarian. A list of the librarians assigned to the collections you will be using follows:


LovecraftRosemary Cullen863-1514 Wierd TalesRosemary Cullen863-1514 Phrenology and Pseudo-ScienceRosemary Cullen863-1514 KoopmanAnn Dodge 863-1502 Starred BooksAnn Dodge 863-1502 History of ScienceHolly Snyder 863-1515 History of Medicine Holly Snyder 863-1515 RiderHolly Snyder 863-1515 LincolnHolly Snyder 863-1515

* PLEASE NOTE: Working with collections takes time and the librarians at the Hay have many responsibilities. Students should therefore make appointments for initial consultation with a librarian as soon as possible after the Show & Tell session on September 28th, but NO LATER than October 12th.


REQUESTING MATERIALS: Collections that are housed in the Hay Library building can be paged at the Reader Services desk, and are normally retrieved within 20 minutes. However, some collections are housed off-site. Please note that for large off-site collections, no more than 6 boxes may be requested at any one time.
Please consult with library staff AT LEAST **2 days** prior to when you intend to come and use the collection, in order to allow sufficient time for retrieval from off-site facilities.

INFORMATION ABOUT THE HAY LIBRARY IN GENERAL: For information on Use & Access of Hay Library Collections, including information about our photocopy policy and use of digital cameras in the Reading Room, see the Hay Library website.

COMMUNICATE: (A) Let us know what you need. We're here to help. AND (B) Show us your work. We're curious about what you're doing with our stuff...