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Library Resource Guide for: SPATIAL DATA AND GIS

Community Health

Air Now shows current maps of air quality, ozone, and particles.

Economic Research Service: Food and Nutrition provides statistics on poverty, malnutrition, and hunger in the United States.

Electronic Cultural Atlas Initiative has data and mapping tools, including TimeMap, a free downloadable program that allows for the display of data with respect to time as well as location.

ESRI Map Book Gallery has online copies of the ESRI collection of Map Books, which contain specially selected thematic maps submitted by people from many different disciplines.

How Bird Flu Has Spread is an interactive map from the BBC that chronicles the spread of the Avian Flu.

Maplecroft Maps gives users the ability to create global maps with a wide variety of variables, including environmental, economic, political, and social issues. Free registration is required.

National Atlas has pre-formed maps as well as a Map Make, with hundreds of layers on different subject areas to make customizable maps of the U.S.

Poverty Mapping has a variety of maps from different disciplines. Maproom has the capability to map current issues of health such as allergies, air quality, cold and flu, severe weather alerts, skin protection, etc.

West Nile Virus Maps of the disease in bird, human, mosquito, sentinel, and veterinary populations.

World Health Organization (WHO) is the United Nations specialized agency for health.

World Health Rankings shows maps of diseases rampant around the world.