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Library Resource Guide for: SPATIAL DATA AND GIS


2006 Index of Economic Freedom has data and a map that represents the economic freedom of each of the world's countries.

A New Russian Heartland?: Economic Maps has maps about Russian unemployment, national economy, specialization, and economic activity.

Discover Canada through National Maps and Facts: Economy has many economic maps of different economic areas going back into the 1980's. Economic Time Series Page shows changes in unemployment over time.

ESRI Map Book Gallery has online copies of the ESRI collection of Map Books, which contain specially selected thematic maps submitted by people from many different disciplines.

Gross State Product (GSP) Interactive Map is a manipulatable map of the united states that allows users to select industry, statistic, unit of measure, and dates of interest after 1997.

National Atlas has pre-formed maps as well as a Map Maker with hundreds of layers on different subject areas to make customizable maps of the U.S.

Maplecroft Maps gives users the ability to create global maps with a wide variety of variables, including environmental, economic, political, and social issues. Free registration is required.

Poverty Mapping has a variety of maps from different disciplines.

U.S. Census Bureau Data Sets with Thematic Maps contains data from the 2002 and 1997 economic censuses applied to maps.

U.S. Department of Labor Mapbook (1990 -1999) describes Regional Economic Patterns with data on layoffs, employment rates, wage change rates, etc. along with associated maps.