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Library Resource Guide for: SPATIAL DATA AND GIS

Environmental Studies

American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Atlas of Population and Environment has an extensive report on human-environment interaction, and allows users to save a customizable version of the report with specific data of interest.

Data Gateway provides mostly environmental spacial data for the U.S. as well as maps available for use.

Earth Today has links to pages with views of earth that each focus on various aspects of general or environmental conditions on earth currently.

Discover Our Earth Web Tools has a number of mapping tools that focus on topography and natural phenomena such as earthquakes.

Earth and Moon Viewer allows user to determine the angle at which this live view of earth is displayed.

EPA's EnviroMapper has extensive environmental data available for customizable maps.

ESRI Map Book Gallery has online copies of the ESRI collection of Map Books, which contain specially selected thematic maps submitted by people from many different disciplines.

FAO Country Profiles and Mapping Information System has many premade maps for countries around the world as well as links and information about each.

FEMA is part of the U.S. Department of Homeland security, that deals with national disasters.

Maplecroft Maps gives users the ability to create global maps with a wide variety of variables, including environmental, economic, political, and social issues. Free registration is required.

National Atlas has pre-formed maps as well as a Map Maker with hundreds of layers on different subject areas to make customizable maps of the U.S.

National Climatic Data Center allows the user to search climatic data with an interactive map.

National Geographic MapMachine has maps on a wide viariety of topics, including maps of terrain, conservation and environmental threats, and space.

National Geographic Wild World had maps on the ecoregions of the world and the regions that specifically need conservation.

Paleomap Project has historical and climate maps of the world's geography in the far past, present, far future, and everything in between.