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Library Resource Guide for: SPATIAL DATA AND GIS

Training and Tutorials

(1) Library Tutorials:

ArcGIS I: Map Making for the Social Sciences (2 hrs) Introduction to the fundamentals of map making and spatial analysis for the Social Sciences. Participants learn how to import, manipulate, analyze, display and evaluate spatial and numeric data. Different data formats are discussed. Focus is on federal and state data.(Please download and unzip GISData1)

ArcGIS II: Intermediate Map Making for the Social Sciences (2hrs) This tutorial is a continuation of ArcGIS I. The emphasis is on creating and editing data. Topics covered include tagging, joining tables, buffering, selecting, editing, making new features, merging shapefiles, using the field calculator and creating new data. Tools and toolboxes are explored. (Please download and unzip GISData2)

Geocoding (1 1/2 hrs) This tutorial specializes on geocoding, a process of giving geographic identifiers to map features. The uses of geocoding for different disciplines are discussed, along with the different types of geocoding, e.g. addresses and X Y coordinates. Focus is given to applying this tool and quality control. Please be familiar with the material covered in ArcGIS I and II. (Please download and unzip geocoding)

Georeferencing and Editor Tool (1 1/2 hrs) Learn how to convert maps into digitial formats that can be used in ArcGIS. Focus is on digitizing, georeferencing and creating shapefiles from paper maps. Practice using editor tool for making features and attributes. Please be familiar with the material covered in ArcGIS I and II. (Please download and unzip georeference)

Register for workshops currently available on these tutorials

Tom Stieve, the Social Sciences Data (SSD) librarian, is also available for one-on-one reference with projects and data, specially scheduled workshops for groups, and customizable workshops. You can reach him at 863-7978 or

(2) Brown Tutorials:

Geographic Information Science and Services Classes has university course listings, tutorials, and useful contacts.

Lynn Carlson, GIS Manager and head of the EARTH Lab, is also available for one-on-one consultation, introductions for small groups (2-6 people) which take about a 1/2 hour, creation of custom workshops, and has a self-paced-tutorial on the basics of GIS software and concepts of spacial data and data analysis.

(3) Outside Tutorials:

Center for Geographic Analysis at Harvard has good tutorials on Google Map.

ESRI is one of the company leaders in GIS technology.

  • ESRI Virtual Campus has online training and tutorials including "hands-on" excersizes and instructional videos. The Brown University site licence is required for access. Contact for the ESRI access code.

Geographic Information Systems is an introduction to GIS with basic information on its uses.

GRASS Seeds Beginner's Tutorial is an introductiory tutorial to the GRASS program.

IDRISI Tutorial on the WWW by Eric J. Lorup has extensive instructions and examples explaining IDRISI software.

Introduction to Geographical Information Systems is a basic description of GIS, its uses, and key terms by Harold Reynolds.

Introduction to GIS is an excellent introduction with description, examples, and frequently asked questions.

MapCruzin GIS Tutorial is an extensive tutorial for GIS with examples, pictures, and much information.

Penn State Population Research Institute GIS Resource Documents has extensive descriptions with links and tips on general GIS information, appications, methods, software, etc.

University of Arkansas ArcInfo Tutorial walks you through the fuctions and steps needed to utilize the ArcInfo programs with diagrams, and instructions.

Working with 2000 Census Data in ArcGIS Good instructions on how to import census data into shapefiles for use in ArcGIS.