About This Search


Selected Internet Resources for Introduction to Engineering:

    Patent and Patent Discovery Information (TIPS):

  • Inventing the Future - An Introduction to Patents for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
    Publication from the World Intellectual Property Organization with concise and clear information on patents and patenting.

  • Patents by Michael White
    MIchael White is the patents librarian at Queen's University Ontario Canada; his website for users of the Engineering and Science Library is full of helpful information.

  • Paterra Resources for Patent Information Users
    Useful for determining keywords in classificaton lists (schedules)for U.S. , looking at U.S., International, and Japanese.; free

  • Patents Finding Tools with Full-Text:

  • Google Patent Search
    Patent Search full-text U.S. Patents only; tool is beta. Advantage is patents in USPTO before 1976 can be searched by keyword. Not yet by U.S. Classification even though the advanced search form gives that option.

  • Patent Finding Tools with Links:

    Search tool for U.S. patents and patent applications together or separately and partial European data; search keywords and/or fields; proximity searching; scorll down to link to PDF; related patents; references in patent.