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Microform Resources:

» Africa, 1946-1976
CIA Research Reports on the African continent during the Cold War.
Rock Microfilm DT30.5 .A3553x

» Smith, Arthur D. Through Unknown African Countries: The First Expedition from Somaliland to Lake Lamu
Part of the Library of American Civilization microform set. Originally published 1897.
Rock Microfiche E151 .L52x 1971 (LAC 16627)

» Sub-Saharan Africa Report
A publication for the Foreign Broadcast Information Service. Previously published under the title TRANSLATIONS ON SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA. Later titled JPRS Report. Africa (Sub-Sahara)
Rock Microfiche DT348 .T7

Print Resources:

» Africa South of the Sahara
An annual compendium that provides basic geographical reference as well as facts and statistics. The most recent issue can be found in the Reference collection at the Rock. (Also try The Library of Congress Global Gateway which provides online reference to the nations of the world, with useful links organized by category. You will want to note that there is a category for "Geography and Environment" for each country).
ROCK 1-SIZE DT351 .A37

» American Universities Field Service Reports
Originally issued between 1952 and 1981, these reports of the AUFS (now known as Univeristies Field Staff International or UFSI) constitute an important source of "firsthand observations" on conditions in Africa during the Cold War, documenting political, economic and social trends. The AUFS, of which Brown was an original member, was founded in 1951 as a non-profit educational organization and employed academics to write the reports, which are organized into several regional series:

1. Northeast Africa covers Ethiopia, Sudan, Somalia and Egypt.

2. East Africa covers Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Mauritius

3. Central and Southern Africa covers Congo/Zaire, Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, South Africa, Angola, Mozambique, Southwest Africa/Namibia, Swaziland, Bechuanaland

4. West Africa covers Cote d'Ivoire/Ivory Coast, Guinea, Mali, Senegal, Nigeria, Cape Verde, Liberia, Ghana, Cameroon, Upper Volta

5. North Africa covers Algeria, Morrocco, Tunisia, Libya

NOTE: You will find that each series of the AUFS reports has three different JOSIAH records associated with it. The first is for the reports as they were originally issued between 1952 and 1967, under the title "Reports Service," followed by the region (e.g., Reports Series. Northeast Africa). Between 1966 and 1967, the reports were reprinted under the title "AUFS Reports", again according to region (For example, AUFS Reports. Northeast Africa). In 1968, AUFS adopted regional series titles (i.e., Northeast Africa Series. Each of these changes resulted in a slight shift in the call number for materials in the series, so please be sure the check JOSIAH for the version of the title that corresponds to the date of the report you want.

Finally, in 1978, AUFS merged all of its regional reports for Africa, Asia and elsewhere into a single series entitled "American Universities Field Staff Reports," under the call number linked below. (The latter continued in 1982 under the title "UFSI Reports," which the Brown University Library does not have).

1-SIZE D411 .A647x

» Cooperative Africana Microfilming Project (CAMP) Catalog
Published by the Center for Research Libraries. A description of the CAMP project, founded in 1963, can be found on the CRL website, along with an up to date description of materials in the CAMP collection.
1-SIZE Z3501 .C66x 1985

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