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Library Course Guide for: THE WORLD OF WALDEN POND

Brown Web Resources for The World of Walden Pond:

    Subject Guides:

  • Harris Collection of American Poetry and Plays
    A research guide to subjects covered by the Library's large and comprehensive collection of North American poetry and plays, including song sheets, broadsides, periodicals and a variety of other formats. The collection includes numerous Transcendentalist publications, and has especially strong holdings for Ralph Waldo Emerson, Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson.

  • Popular Publishing in America
    A guide to materials on popular print culture found in the collections of the John Hay Library

  • Digital Collections:

  • Carriers Addresses
    A digital collection drawn from the Hay Library's extensive collection of poetry broadsides distributed by newspaper carriers. A related article provides general context.

  • Online Exhibitions:

  • Leaves of an Hour
    Drawn from a 2001 exhibition at the John Hay Library, this exhibition traces the development of the Library's literary and popular culture collections.