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Thomas More

FR0132_01 (French Studies)
For a rather long period of time, literary utopias have been considered by certain critics as pure speculations or the ravings of lunatic minds and by others critics as dangerous or revolutionary texts. Postcolonial theorists interpret them as a means to reinvent the world according to western colonial or imperial desires and values. In Europe, a number of literary utopias have allowed writers to adjust their society to their desires and/or to project their dreams and fantasies on foreign territories. In this course, through the reading of a series of texts and the screening of films qualified as utopias or distopias we will attempt to better understand the role which so-called utopian texts have played in shaping the imaginary of generations of people in Europe and particularly in France. Entire texts or excerpts from Novels, essays, Cartoons or films by Thomas More, Marivaux, Louis-Sébastien Mercier, Charles Fourier, Jules Verne, Gabriel Tarde, Topor and Chris Marker and others will be considered.

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Reda Bensmaia (email)-- University Professor and Professor of French Studies and Comparative Literature

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Image: Id!e d'une république heureuse. Amsterdam, Chez l'Honoré, 1730.

Image: The Common-Wealth of Vtopia. London, Printed by B. Alsop & T. Fawcet, 1639.