About This Search


Selected Internet Resources for Projects in Engineering Design:

    Patent and Patent Discovery Information (TIPS):

  • Inventing the Future - An Introduction to Patents for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
    Publication from the World Intellectual Property Organization with concise and clear information on patents and patenting.

  • Patents by Michael White
    MIchael White is the patents librarian at Queen's University Ontario Canada; his website for users of the Engineering and Science Library is full of helpful information.

  • Patent Finding Tools Full-text Search:

  • Google Patent Search
    Patent Search full-text U.S. Patents only; tool is beta. Advantage is patents in USPTO before 1976 can be searched by keyword. Search by U.S. Classification not reliable. View images without TIFF software.

  • PatentScope
    From the World Intellectual Property Organization, (WIPO), search published international patent applications. Content starts from 1978. Search with words includes title, abstract, description, and claims. International Patent Classification is used for more focused discovery.

  • Patents and Patent Finding Information (TIPS):

  • FreePatentsOnline Help Center
    Includes what is a patent and patent term glossary plus tips for efficient searching of with the interface with examples; basic and advanced search.

  • Patetnt Finding Tools with Full-text Links:

    Search tool for U.S. patents (1976-present), US patent applications, EP documents, Abstracts of Japan, and WIPO (PCT) together or separately. Search keywords and/or fields; proximity searching. Advantage over USPTO search tool and espacenet is autostemming (on, off), proximity search (e.g. �litter cat�~10) which means litter is found within 10 words of cat in title, abstract, and/or body, and weighted terms (e.g. �cat^2 or dog� means cat in the field(s) is twice as important as dog). Additional features: scroll down to link to PDF; related patents; references in patent. Access to pdf requires free registration.

  • Scirus
    A web search engine that filters out non-scientific sites; advanced search page can be used to focus on only patents from U.S. and international databases. Patent coverage per patent office: USPTO from 1790 (grants and pregrants), EPO from 1978 (grants and pregrants), WIPO from 1978 (pregrants), UKIPO from 1916 (pregrants) and JPO from 1976 (pregrants). Searches thru Lexis-Nexis records; gives similar results. Access to patents is free.

  • Scitopia
    Federated search of the records of articles currently from major international science and technology societies. Emphasis on physics, geology, and engineering. Basic and advanced search modes. Patents from the US Patent and Trademark Office, European Patent Office, and Japan Patent Office together with peer-reviewed journal articles and technical conference papers. Access to full-text of publications of societies depends on Brown University Library's subscriptions. Access to patents is free.