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Argentina History

Argentina Politics And Government 1955

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Argentina Politics And Government 1955 1983

Bolivia History

Brazil History

Brazil Politics And Government 1964 1985

Brazil Politics And Government 1954 1964

Brazil Politics And Government 1930 1945

Brazil Politics And Government 1889 1930

Chile History

Chile Politics And Government 1970 1973

Chile Politics And Government 1973 1988

Colombia History

Cuba History

Cuba History 1878 1895

Cuba History 1933 1959

Cuba History 1959 1990

Ecuador History

El Salvador History 1979 1992

Guatemala History

Guatemala History 1945 1985

Guatemala History Civil War 1960 1996

Honduras History

United States Foreign Relations Honduras

Mexico History

Mexico History 1910 1946

Diaz Porfirio 1830 1915

Zapata Emiliano 1879 1919

Villa Pancho 1878 1923

Nicaragua History

Nicaragua History 1937 1979

Nicaragua History 1979 1990

Nicaragua History Revolution 1979

Peru History

Sendero Luminoso Guerrilla Group

Venezuela History

Bolivar Simon 1783 1830


Image, center: Gen. Juan D. Perón and his wife Evita.