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Library Course Guide for: GANDHI'S WAY

Selected Internet Resources for Gandhi's Way:

    Associations and Societies:

  • Mohandes K. Gandhi
    A discussion of Gandhi's role in the history of vegetarianism, from the International Vegetarian Union.

  • Nobel Peace Prize
    An article from the Nobel Committee that discusses why Gandhi was never awarded the Peace Prize.

  • Digital Resources:

  • King Encyclopedia
    An article on Gandhi from the Martin Luther King, Jr. encyclopedia, part of the King Papers Project. (Scroll down to the bottom of the page and use the link for the sitemap to get access to related materials on Dr. King).

  • Mahatma Gandhi
    "A place to learn about Gandhi, his life, work & philosophy. This comprehensive site is regularly updated & maintained by non-profit Gandhian Organizations in India & has a wealth of information & material for researchers, students, activists & anyone interested in Gandhi." The site includes Gandhi's writings, as well as photographs, video clips, articles and other material on Gandhi's work.

  • Mahatma Gandhi and Nordic Countries
    A digital resource from the Danish Peace Academy.

  • Mahatma Gandiji
    Website on Gandhi's life and history developed by Sangram Purohit at Sydenham College of Commerce and Economics in Mumbai.

  • Media:

  • Mohandes Gandhi (1869-1948)
    Brief biography of Gandhi from the BBC website.

  • Mohandes Gandhi, Nominee for Person of the Century
    From Time Magazine's Person of the Century website, a discussion of Gandhi's greatness. Includes links to other pertinent resources.