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Institutional Repository (IR)

Institutional Repositories

We should make our future FEDORA-based Institutional Repository (IR) a platform for the re-purposing of our intellectual capital -- those materials that support research, teaching, and dissemination on our campus (and in some cases beyond). In addition to freely distributing published material, well designed and deeply populated IRs can provide platforms for integrating a wide variety of other associated materials (e.g. teaching tools, simulations, data sets, etc.) created within a university. Brown should educate our faculty about IR issues, and attempt to have our faculty take a more active role in the dissemination of all representations of their scholarship.

Campus administrators (provosts, deans) must take the lead in encouraging contributions; mandates for deposit will only work if participants understand the value of their actions. Librarians should educate faculty about the short-term and long-term issues within the scholarly communication realm, in order that they can then serve as informed advocates for IRs within their own departments or schools.

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