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Statutes at Large


The Statutes at Large is a chronological list of all laws (public and private) and proclamations. Simply all the laws passed every year.

How to Understand the Document

An Interesting Example: Labor Management Relation Act, 1947

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  • A good place is to start searching in LexisNexis. But, if you want to see the original law passed before 1989, you will have to consult the paper copy or the American Memory site.

  • There are two numbering systems for laws:

    1. Public or private law , Congressional session, number. For example, P. L. 108-45 "Strengthen AmeriCorps Program Act" is the 45th public law passed during the 108th Congress.

    2. Volume STAT. page number. This is used mainly in the paper copy. For example, 117 Stat. 844 "Strengthen AmeriCorps Program Act" is located in volume 117 of the Statutes at Large on page 844.

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Paper Information

  • Statutes at Large has all laws passed each year back to 1789 listed chronologically. Their call number is 1-Size K50 and they are found on the 4th Level at the Rock. Volumes are by Congressional Sessions.