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The United States Code Service has all laws listed by subject.

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The U.S. Code pertaining to copyright.

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  • The two online resources have all the present laws.

  • The US Code is the compilation of all the laws that are presently in effect. The numbering system is Title, Chapter, Subchapter, Section (), Subsection (usually a letter). So, Title 29, Chapter 7, Subchapter III, 177(a) is in volume 29 (Labor), chapter 7 (Labor-Management Relations), subchapter III (Conciliation of Labor Disputes; National Emergencies), Subsection 177 (Board of Inquiry), a (Composition). Be careful, though. When using the paper copy, the covers give title and section (). You can find the statute using just those two numbers.

  • Note: Watch out for the names of laws. The Taft-Hartley Act, named after its sponsors, is officially the Labor-Management Relations Act

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  • United States Code Service has all laws listed by subject. Their call number is KF62 1972 .L38 and they are found at Reference at the Rock. Interpretative notes and decisions are given.