About This Search

Library Course Guide for: MYTHOLOGY OF LITERATURE


Use Josiah, the Library's online catalog to find books,films, music and other resources in the Library collections.

Need help with Josiah searches?

  • Click here if you need some help searching Josiah
  • To refine your search, click on "Limit your search" at the top of the screen and select a language, date of publication or other parameter in the menu.
  • To save your search results, mark the box to the left of the result and click on "Save marked records" ; when ready to export your list, click on "Export saved list"
  • Create an online bibliography based on your Josiah results using Refworks
  • Note that you will not find any journal article in Josiah; to find journal articles, consult the databases.
  • Need more help: just click on Help at the top of the Josiah screen or email Dominique Coulombe