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Library Resource Guide for: GRANT RESOURCES

Amy Robb is the Funding Resources Specialist for the ADVANCE Program. She provides individual research consultations and workshops for faculty, staff, and students across the disciplines in the use of online funding resources.

You can always contact Amy directly to schedule a consultation. Additional Community of Science (COS) training includes:

  • Grantseeking through Community of Science (COS)
    Workshops are regularly available through Training.brown. Learn how to search Community of Science (COS) for funding opportunities and create a user profile for saved searches & automatic funding alerts.

  • Dos and Don'ts
    The dos and don'ts provide advice on getting the most out of Community of Science Funding Opportunities.

  • Quick Start User Guide
    See the user guide for information on getting started.

  • Webinars
    There are also some very helpful COS webinar records available. See specifically the brief and full overviews entitled, COS Funding Opportunities and Funding Alerts.