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Library Resource Guide for: QUALITATIVE ANALYSIS

Additional Links and Sources

Cases Studies at QSR International.

NVivo manuals at the Library.

NVivo8/NVivo8-Help-Using-the-Software Manual

NVivo tutorials at QSR International.

Qual Page has resources for qualitative researchers

Qualitative Research Periodicals at the Library.

Using NVivo For Your Literature Review by Silvana di Gregorio, PhD: SdG Associates, London and Boston search for NVivo

Listservs and Discussion Groups

  • NVivo

  • Qual-software for qualitative research software and methodological issues: E-mail:; Subject: (leave blank); Message: JOIN QUAL-SOFTWARE

  • Qualrs-l for different issues in qualitative research: E-mail:; Subject: (leave blank); Message: subscribe QUALRS-L

  • Anthro-l for anthropologists: E-mail:; Subject: (leave blank); Message: subscribe Anthro-L

  • Ethno Ethnomethodology/conversation analysis: E-mail:; Subject:(leave blank); Message: join ethno

  • Ethnography-in-Education for ethnographic research methods in education:; Subject: (leave blank); Message: join ethnography-in-education firstname lastname;

  • Phenomenog-L Phenomenography Interest Group:; Subject: (leave blank); Message: Subscribe PHENOMENOG-L.