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Library Resource Guide for: STATISTICS AND DATA

Environmental Studies

Coast Guard Pollution Statistics contains statistics on pollution incidents in and around U.S. waters.

Dredging Statistics Program is a database created for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and provides annual statistics relating to dredging.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

  • Superfund contains information about hazardous sites throughout the U.S.

FAO Land and Water Development Division - Aquastat is a division of the Food and Agrictulure Organization of the United Nations and provides global water resources statistics organized by country.

Marine Information provides maps and statistics from the World Conservation Monitoring Center on marine animals, coral reefs, and mangroves.

National Interagency Fire Center - Fire Statistics provides annual statistics relating to wildfires.

National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration

Office of the Federal Coordinator for Meteorological Services - Climate Data

State Forestry Statistics is a collection of statistics by the National Association of State Foresters relating to various topics on state forestry.

United Nations Statistics Division - Environment provides data on main environmental indicators in the world.

The Weather Network - Weather Statistics provides global weather statistics.

World Resources Institute (WRI) - EarthTrends is a large database of statistics and maps on many topics relating to the environment.

Zero Waste America - Waste & Recycling contains annual statistics and tables relating to waste and recycling.